Welcome to In Pursuit of Wealthiness

Welcome fellow pursuers of wealth! I'm a mid-30s investment banker living in Houston, TX and I've been a student of wealth building for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I've learned quite a bit through my many successes and even more numerous failures. Now, I hope to continue to refine and share my philosophy through this blog.

In general, my practices share a lot of similarity with many of the other personal finance bloggers you'll find across the internet. However, this blog will go well beyond the standard mantra of "work hard and live below your means." I will take it for granted that if you've come across this blog you've likely already been given that sage advice. This blog will aim to show you unique ideas for how to accelerate your wealth building journey that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Additionally, I often feel like bloggers that are focused on any topic (personal finance, diet, exercise, fashion, etc.) seem to assume that their readers have endless time to dedicate to self-improvement. As a working investment banker, I assure you I will not make that mistake. I recognize the limited time most professionals have these days and I understand that most people are not willing or able to dedicate countless hours to implementing personal finance practices that they read about on the internet. With that in mind, I'll focus on the "quick wins" that can be achieved with minimal effort to make the greatest impact on your wealth.